Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Did Autism Speaks plan an even more gruesome massacre?

Did Autism Speaks plan an even more gruesome massacre? We hear a lot about the special needs children who died in the Sandy Hook massacre, but what about the special needs children who survived? *"Victoria Soto, a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, was also studying for a master’s degree in special education at Southern Connecticut State University." Victoria Soto saved the lives of a whole class of special needs children possibly 20 or more. Autism Speaks is still looking for more brains and new charities have popped up using similar strategies to market Sandy Hook, including big names in media such as NBC, NPR, PBS, Fox news and other mainstream media. If you don't think that the media coverage of the Sandy Hook is disgusting fear mongering, then go play on one of many playgrounds inspired by the Sandy Hook Shooting. * ** *** ****

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Regressive Neurotypical Disorder, Know the Signs.

Adam Lanza, had a normal Brain at the time of death,Adam who once had been diagnosed with Autism according to his brother who's ID he just happened to be carrying with him at the time of the shooting. NTs believe that 24 year old people are much cooler than 20 year old people. Adams dark decent into the frightening NT world, becomes apparent as they search through Adams things. He has thousands of dollars worth of violent video games and only one broken hard drive. Not the thousands of dollars worth of semi-functional "vintage" hard drives you would expect from typical Aspie. Adam Lanza may have collected all of these games because he thought games where cool, he would not realize that hard drives where cool too, because of his Neurotypicalism.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Obama Popular with Neurotypicals, but not as Popular as Drones

51% of Neurotypicals support Barrack Obama* 83% support drones*. This NT phenomenon is caused by NTs need for confirmation. The worse the idea the more NTs will need to seek confirmation to support it and try to convince others. Neurotypicals shut-up has been working hard to test out patented drugs, establish the need for these drugs, and force every one to pay as much as possible for these drugs. Remember every time you talk about an NT to mention how much the new patented drugs are needed and how worthless NTs are without them. Please help us with our mission to treat and censor NTs by donating your child's brain. Please go to our websites to find prescribes, a selective list of reviews and a bunch of stuff we just made up to make you feel like giving your child a drug with a black-box warning is a good idea.

Neurotypicals not to blame for Drones.

"Poll: Americans back drone attacks, but not on U.S. citizens abroad"* This is an example the Neurotypical phenomenon called group think notice how 83% of the population is willing to go along with this really bad idea. Why would anyone approve of killing people with drones? Don't they realize that U.S. citizens will die when other countries try to defend themselves from things like drone attack? Don't they realize that our food system is becoming centralized and making us vulnerable to a shortage? Don't they realize that it would be cheaper and easier just to repair our infrastructural? Don't they understand that we are under attack from within by corporate powers? Don't they realize that where people live is where food should be grown? Don't they realize that your neighbor can't help you if you killed him with a drone? Can't we find a better way to collect heat energy so we don't have to fight for oil? Can they stop digging the ground out from underneath everyone? Can we stop spraying roundup on the soil? Can't people see that land hording is causing homelessness? Neurotypicals not to blame Neurotypicals not to blame neurotypicals.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Early diagnosis is key to preventing Neurotypicalism

Most children are not diagnosed with Autism until the age of 5, but sadly it may already too late. It was once thought NTs did not feel empathy, but we have found that in fact they are absolutely in love with each other. They shield themselves and each other heroically from any form of cognitive dissonance at any and all costs. Oxytocin the murder hormone, causes such extreme feelings that shockingly they have been known to kill each other over very small differences to prevent cognitive dissonance and promote the homogeneity of the group. Just look at what has happen in the "promised" land. That place is heck on Earth people killing each other, even though they where born looking almost identical. Imagine going through your whole life always having to play the same roll in the group. A group without a good strong leader might end up acting like, they are 5 years old for the rest of their lives or much much worse. A condition known as group think can develop where the entire group knows something is a bad idea. The majority of people can be driven to kill, but they really really don't want too. The solution is to expose them to different environments and teach them to care for other people and animals, and plants. Teach them they are important tell them to speak up. Focus on their skills, teach them it is OK to change, teach them to ask questions. Teach them to feel proud when other people stare. Let them know more then just a small group of friends, give them a chance to learn from the old and the young.

Neurotypicalism, not to Blame.

I made up a fictional disturbed parent of Adam Lanza to implant ideas in your mind about his motive. Adam Lanza did kill children honest really and if I say it enough maybe everyone will believe it in spite of the fact he had no actual motive or history of violence. Lisa noticed Adam acting strangely and thought she was loosing him. Adam who had once been Autistic was becoming Neurotypical. Once Adam was a skilled programmer with a bright future, but he began to change. Lisa first noticed when he started to burn himself with a lighter. He said it hurts and I don't understand why, before I felt pain from sound but now I feel pain from fire. Adam then began to play violent video games excessively, and he got rid of all but one of his computers. Lisa wanted to reconnect with her son but he only seemed interested in shooting stuff. Once Adam had been terrified just to go into a school or get a haircut, but now he seemed to enjoy the sound of gunfire. Adam lost his natural awkwardness and even got a drivers license at age 19. Lisa figured buying Adam guns was her only hope of reconnecting with her son, so she bought Adam a variety of guns and other things related to call of duty and took him to the shooting range. Adams eyes lit up when he saw the bullet proof vest and black gas mask his mom bought him. Adam said now I can be a real shooter like in call of duty, Adams mom was shocked when he hugged her willingly for the first time. Adam who had once had so much trouble operating a screw driver, that he needed help, just to build a computer, had suddenly become a skilled shooter. One morning Adam's video game stopped. Adam suddenly went into a Neurotypical rage he took a hammer or screwdriver and destroyed his hard drive. Adam grabbed a gun walked upstairs, and shot Lisa. He grabbed even more guns stuffing them into his moms car. He drove to Sandy Hook; grade schools have shatter prof windows, but Adam was an amassing shot he made the window shatter on the first try. Adam then walked into a special needs class and killed 20 children shooting each of them with 11 bullets. Adam then moved on to the next classroom he found only the teacher. Where are the children he asked? She said they are all in gym so he shot her. He heard police rush into the building. Realizing that he was the only child left in the room to be killed, he shot himself multiple times to make sure he was dead before police arrived. An exam of Adam's brain confirmed That he was fully Neurotypical at the time of his death. according to the Housatonic times "Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, who autopsied the body of the gunman Adam Lanza, said an examination of Lanza's brain showed nothing unusual."* Confirming that Adam had regressed into the dark world of the typical person. Neurotypicalism, not to Blame. Neurotypicalism, not to Blame. Neurotypicalism, not to Blame Neurotypicalism, Blame Neurotypicalism. *

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mary Tormey: It's Time for a National Neurotypial Strategy

Neurotypialism is decreasing but still a strategy is still necessary. NTs still make up nearly 90% of the population but similar skills force NTs to compete in a viscous system that leaves many of them stuck in dead end jobs, without the means to support them selves. NT often find a place in the military. NTs enjoy the rigid structure and matching clothing, but since they are unable to act based on their own ethics they go gun crazy and kill innocent people. This not only leads to suicide and homelessness for helpless confused NTs, but also it makes other countries mad at us. First, we improve schools and focus on teaching unique skills, so NTs will seem more like individuals. Second, we must commit to diagnosing children with autism, all of them right when they are born. Third, we have to develop and make available science fiction and Legos. Fourth, we must recognize and address the disparities in access to basic needs such as food and clothing. Fifth and finally, we need to address the needs of adults with Neurotypialism. We interviewed thousands of imaginary NTs and found none of them are satisfied with their income! We must face up to the crisis end usury take back control of our food and provide basic needs for everyone on this planet.